2021 Producer Advisory Council

2021 Producer Advisory Council Video Sessions

Thank you to everyone who participated and responded to our 2021 Virtual Producer Advisory Council Meeting. Your input is valuable to our mission. While our 2021 PAC Meeting is now over, we are leaving the videos available for further viewing.

Thank you to our 2021 PAC Meeting Sponsor MS Farm Bureau Federation.

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Welcome CREC 2021 CREC PAC Dr. James Henderson - Dr. James Henderson, Professor and Head of Coastal Research & Extension Center, welcomes you to the 2021 CREC Producer Advisory Council Virtual Meeting. 

Welcome Extension 2021 CREC PAC Dr. Gary Jackson - Dr. Gary Jackson, Director, Mississippi State University Extension, welcomes you and gives a brief update.

Welcome MAFES 2021 CREC PAC Dr. Reuben Moore - Dr. Reuben Moore,  Interim Vice President, Division of Agriculture, Forestry, & Veterinary Medicine and Interim Director, MAFES Mississippi State University, welcomes you and gives a brief update.

Apiculture 2021 CREC PAC Dr. Jeff Harris - Dr. Jeff Harris discusses national and regional news of interest to beekeepers.


Avian Ecology 2021 CREC PAC Dr. Mark Woodrey - Dr. Mark Woodrey discusses Avian Ecology and Coastal Conservation and related projects and activities.


Floral 2021 CREC PAC Dr. Jim Delprince - Dr. Jim DelPrince provides 2020 updates on MSU Coastal Floral programs.


Forestry 2021 CREC PAC Dr. Shaun Tanger - Dr. Shaun Tanger discusses COVID-19, new mill activity in the region and financial comparisons of longleaf and loblolly pine in Southeast MS despite many challenges in 2020. 


Horticulture (Ornamental, Home, Fruits & Vegetables) 2021 CREC PAC Horticulture Group - The Horticulture group discusses fruits & vegetables, economics, ornamental and home horticultural program updates.


Livestock and Horse & Small Ruminants 2021 CREC PAC Dr. Daniel Rivera - Dr. Daniel Rivera discusses livestock events and programs within the Southeast District and they pertain to research and Extension.


Poultry 2021 CREC PAC Dr. Tom Tabler - Dr. Tom Tabler discusses backyard chickens and the effects of Covid-19 as well as Extension Poultry Programs available at MSU.


Marine Resources Bats 2021 CREC PAC Ms. Mandy Sartain - Ms. Amanda Sartain discusses an upcoming applied research project looking at the response of bats and their insect prey to different coastal upland habitat management techniques in the Grand Bay NERR.


Marine Resources Boat Wakes 2021 CREC PAC Mr. Matthew Virden - Mr. Matthew Virden will discuss a study that evaluates the role that boat wake plays in the overall wave energy impacting shorelines in Back Bay, MS.


Marine Resources Clam Aquaculture 2021 CREC PAC Ms. Brianna Andrews - Ms. Brianna Andrews discusses an applied research project focused on determining the feasibility of clam aquaculture in coastal Mississippi.


Marine Resources Coastal Conservation 2021 CREC PAC Dr. Eric Sparks - Dr. Eric Sparks discusses some of the activities within the Coastal Conservation and Restoration Program. These include extension and applied research activities focused on marine debris, living shorelines, and environmental stewardship.


Marine Resources Derelict Crab Traps 2021 CREC PAC Mr. Keith Chenier - Mr. Keith Chenier discusses an ongoing project that incentivizes commercial shrimpers to actively remove and dispose of derelict crab traps.


Marine Resources Economic Research 2021 CREC PAC Dr. Ben Posadas - Dr. Ben Posadas discusses economic research and extension projects in seafood marketing, horticulture, fisheries, aquaculture and disasters in 2020.


Marine Resources Fisheries Ecology 2021 CREC PAC Dr. Marcus Drymon - Dr. Marcus Drymon provides an update on the Great Red Snapper Count and a new Extension resource called FISHES: Fishermen Invested in Science, Healthy Ecosystems and Sustainability.


Marine Resources Living Shoreline 2021 CREC PAC Ms. Sara Martin - Ms. Sara Martin discusses the results and implications of a long-term monitoring program focused on determining the impacts and effectiveness of a large-scale shoreline conservation project.


Marine Resources Marine Debris 2021 CREC PAC Ms. Alyssa Rodolfich - Ms. Alyssa Rodolfich discusses an ongoing applied research project looking at the distribution and direct economic impacts of marine debris on the Mississippi commercial shrimping industry.


Marine Resources Marine Debris Cleanup 2021 CREC PAC Ms. Jessi James - Ms. Jessi James discusses the impacts of the Mississippi Coastal Cleanup Program and the upstart Mississippi Inland Cleanup Program.


Marine Resources Marsh Vegetation 2021 CREC PAC Mr. Anthony Vedral - Mr. Anthony Vedral discusses an upcoming applied research project about marine debris accumulation in coastal wetlands.


Marine Resources Microplastics 2021 CREC PAC Ms. Shelby Harrier - Ms. Shelby Harrier discusses the preliminary results of a study looking at the variation in microplastics found in tap water across coastal Mississippi.


Marine Resources Microplastics in Bottled Water 2021 CREC PAC  Ms. Gaelyn Gros - Ms. Gaelyn Gros discusses the results of an evaluation of the abundance and types of microplastics in bottled water.


Marine Resources No Wake Zones 2021 CREC PAC Ms. Skylar Liner - Ms. Skylar Liner discusses the counterintuitive effects of “no wake” zones on wave energy impacting shorelines.


Marine Resources Seafood Lab 2021 CREC PAC  Dr. Sam Chang - Dr. Sam Chang discusses research projects at the Experimental Seafood Processing Laboratory in Pascagoula, MS.


Marine Resources Sea Level Rise 2021 CREC PAC Ms. Carey Schafer - Ms. Carey Schafer discusses Sea Level Rise in Coastal Mississippi.


Marine Resources Shorelines 2021 CREC PAC Mr. David Malcolm - Mr. David Malcom discusses the relationship between shoreline type and presence of submerged aquatic vegetation.