Economic Impacts of Ship Building and Repairing in Mississippi and Alabama

Sector Definition

The ship building and repairing sector is included in the NAICS code 336611 which comprises establishments primarily engaged in operating a shipyard.

  • Shipyards are fixed facilities with drydocks and fabrication equipment capable of building a ship, defined as watercraft typically suitable or intended for other than personal or recreational use.
  • Activities of shipyards include the construction of ships, their repair, conversion and alteration, the production of prefabricated ship and barge sections, and specialized services, such as ship scaling.. 

Employment Impacts

The total employment impact is the sum of direct, indirect and induced impacts.

  1. Indirect impacts result from changes in economic activity of other industrial sectors which supply goods or services to the sector being evaluated.
  2. Induced impacts are the result of personal consumption expenditures by industry employees.

Number of Ship Building and Repairing Establishments

Source of raw data: CBP (2014).

Direct Employment Impacts of Ship Building and Repairing

Source of raw data: EMSI (2013).