Marine Aquaculture Economics

  1. Develop a methodology for assessing the socioeconomic impacts of aquatic animal diseases. 
  2. Pilot-test the assessment methodology in aquatic animal outbreaks in any major producing state, region, country or continent.
  1. Develop a methodology for assessing the economic resiliency of horticulture and marine industries.  
  2. Compile employment and wages databases in the seafood, aquaculture, and horticulture industries.
  1. Monitor monthly ex-vessel and wholesale prices of shrimp products.
  2. Monitor monthly wholesale prices of aquaculture products.
  1. Develop economic models for commercial marine finfish and shellfish culture systems. 
  2. Compile aquaculture production and input usage databases.    
  1. Compile multi-year economic databases of marine industries and coastal counties. 
  2. Develop economic recovery models of marine industries and coastal counties. 
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