Oyster Processors

Dr. Benedict Posadas and Katy Buchanan
Mississippi State University, Coastal Research and Extension Center
Website: http://www.coastal.msstate.edu/MMNewsletter.html
Volume 5, Issue 2, January 20, 2015

Oyster Processors Registered in MarketMaker  

There are 46 oyster processing plants registered in the National MarketMaker program. To find local oyster processors in your city, county, state or nationwide:  (1) Do a Business Search among Processors/Packing Sheds; (2) Type Oyster, then you can Search By distance or zip code and by product type or attribute. Advance search options are available.   

The MarketMaker map below shows the geographical locations of the 46 oyster processing plants registered in the National MarketMaker program. Of the 46 processing plants, two are from Mississippi.


What’s in season now?

Vegetables: Sweet Potatoes, Tomatoes
Marine Fish/Shellfish: Amberjack, Drum, Flounder, Seatrout, Shrimp

MarketMaker In-Service Training for Extension, Regulators and School Teachers

Available upon request by a group of 6-12 extension faculty and staff, state regulatory agencies staff and school teachers.  More details at http://www.coastal.msstate.edu/MMInserviceTraining.html.

Where can you find MarketMaker?

MarketMaker can be viewed at - http://ms.foodmarketmaker.com
Ask Siri or Cortana to search for “Mississippi MarketMaker”.  

The Mississippi MarketMaker outreach program is funded in part through grants provided through Gulf States Marine Fisheries Commission, Oil Disaster Recovery Program under NOAA Fisheries grant award number NA10NMF4770481.

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