Economic Recovery from Natural Disasters

Negative Economic Impacts of the Opening of the Bonnet Carre Spillway to Mississippi Oyster Fishery

The negative economic impacts of the prolonged Bonne Carre Spillway opening in 2011 were evaluated using two methods: (1) preliminary and updated assessments method and (2) economic recovery modeling method. ​

Economic Recovery of Mississippi Commercial and Recreational Fishing Sectors from Natural Disasters

An economic recovery model was developed using the survey data after Hurricane Katrina and databases on licenses issued by the Mississippi Department of Marine Resources. From these databases, the decision to remain or leave the industry made by the participating boats and vessels was determined.

Economic Recovery of the Northern Gulf of Mexico Region Communities from Natural Disasters

This project presents a suggested approach in measuring community economic recovery following natural disasters. The economic variables to be used in measuring the economic recovery of counties and parishes will include variables describing the community human capital, economic output and tax revenues, business sector, and private construction.