Economic Sectors in the Gulf of Mexico States

In this section, the economic contributions of the U.S. industries targeted by the research, education, extension and outreach efforts of the GOM Sea Grant Programs during the past decade were defined in terms of their sales and employment impacts to the regional economy.

Objective 2: Provide an overview of the available economic indicators describing these sectors to the respective state or Gulf economy.

Method 2: In order to achieve this objective, the annual economic impacts of the identified economic sectors as defined in the North American Industrial Classification System were compiled or estimated.

Economic Impact Indicators - The economic contributions of each industry were measured in terms of the sales or output impacts and employment or job impacts. Each industry is unique and exhibits different input-output relationships as measured by the different economic multipliers. The values of the sales and employment impacts, if available, were compiled for each of these industries.


  1. Commercial fishing
  2. Seafood processing
  3. Seafood wholesaling
  4. Seafood importing
  5. Seafood retailing
  6. Marine aquaculture
  7. Bait dealers


  1. Working Waterfronts
  2. Commercial marinas and boating
  3. Charter boats for-hire
  4. Marine Recreational fishing
  5. Freshwater recreational fishing
  6. Coastal restoration
  7. Ship building and repairing
  8. Wildlife watching
  9. Hunting


  1. Research and development in biotechnology
  2. Research and development in the physical, engineering, and life sciences 
  3. Research and development in social sciences and humanities


  1. Other justice, public order, and safety activities
  2. Administration of air and water resource and solid waste management programs
  3. Administration of general economic programs
  4. Regulation of agricultural marketing and commodities
  5. Legal services
  6. Private households

Source: Posadas, Benedict C. 2014. Economic Sectors Targeted By The Mississippi-Alabama Sea Grant Research, Extension, Education And Outreach Programs. Mississippi State University Extension Service Publication 2849 and Mississippi-Alabama Sea Grant Publication MASGP-14-007. Mississippi State, Mississippi.