Nursery and Greenhouse Technology Transfer

Greenhouse Mechanization 2004:
Bringing Worldwide Innovations to the Gulf South
2004 Southern Nursery Association Trade Show

This workshop provided an educational opportunity for greenhouse producers to interact with experts in the field of mechanization and automation as well as expose growers to new products and innovations which can be readily incorporated into existing greenhouse production systems. This program was for small and large producers alike. Internationally-recognized experts from across the country discussed how to integrate new systems into existing production practices and how to adapt current practices to improve the labor environment and increase productivity.


  • Mississippi State University
  • Southern Nursery Association
    • Mr. Danny Summers, Executive Director
    • Mr. Dan Batson, 2004 President and Owner, GreenForest Nursery
    • Mrs. Gail Sullivan
  • U.S. Department of Labor-ETA
    • Mrs. Sharon Rice
    • Dr. Glenn Fain

Nursery Mechanization Workshop on the WorldStage
2006 Southern Nursery Association Trade Show

Greenhouse Mechanization Workshop
“Mechanization for the Green Industry”
2006 Gulf States Hort Expo

2007 Gulf States Hort Expo
Trade Show Participation

  • By participating in the Gulf States Horticulture Expo Trade Show,
    we were able to reach hundreds of industry members.

GrowerTalks! Greenhouse Experience 2007
September 11, 2007
Cleveland, Ohio

  • Collaboration with Ohio State University and Ball Publishing
    • Dr. Peter Ling, OSU
    • Diane Blazek, Ball

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