U.S. Aquaculture Production, Farm-gate Values, and Employment

NAICS 11251 Aquaculture. 

This industry comprises establishments primarily engaged in the farm raising and production of aquatic animals or plants in controlled or selected aquatic environments. These establishments use some form of intervention in rearing to enhance production, such as holding in captivity, regular stocking, feeding, and protecting from predators, pests, and disease. 

Source of raw data: NOAA Fisheries.
Legend: * - There are no official data beyond 2019. Data in 2020-21 are predicted values estimated by Dr. Posadas. 
More details at https://youtu.be/5PV_UgN8FRk.

Source of raw data: Bureau of Labor Statistics. Employment only includes QCEW Employees. Non-QCEW Employees, Self-Employed, and Extended Proprietors are not included due to a lack of data.
Legend: QCEW - Quarterly Census of Employment and Wages. 
More details about jobs and wages are at https://youtu.be/L_f57AgfVbE

Finfish Aquaculture Species 

  1. Catfish

  2. Salmon 

  3. Striped bass

  4. Tilapia

  5. Trout 

Shellfish Aquaculture Species 

  1. Clams 

  2. Crawfish

  3. Mussel

  4. Oyster 

  5. Saltwater shrimp 

Miscellaneous species include:

  1. Ornamental fish

  2. Alligators

  3. Algae

  4. Aquatic plants

  5. Eels

  6. Scallops

  7. Others

Marine Aquaculture species  

  1. Salmon 

  2. Clams 

  3. Mussel

  4. Oyster 

  5. Saltwater shrimp 

Freshwater Aquaculture Species

  1. Catfish

  2. Striped bass

  3. Tilapia

  4. Trout 

  5. Crawfish 

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