White Sand Unit

Cow in front at White Sands Unit

The White Sand Branch Beef Unit is located in Southeastern Mississippi, approximately 10 miles west of Poplarville, MS. The Unit has a base cow herd of about 120 head of crossbred commercial type beef cows. Research at White Sand is in the area of growth and development of weaned beef calves, with a focus on health, nutrition and management interactions. The Unit encompasses 450 acres of pastureland. Additionally, there is a four-acre dry lot with 24 holding pens and 38 three acre replicated paddocks for research studies. The Unit has a feed mill as well as three outside commodity bays. A pull behind Roto Mix feed wagon equipped with certified scales can also mix and deliver feed to livestock. A Silencer squeeze chute is used to handle and work cattle, it too is equipped with certified scales. Finally, a pen scale with certified scales can also be used to weigh cattle or hay bales.

The Unit produces its own hay to be used for herd maintenance and for research purposes. Studies conducted at the station include effects of growth promoting implants on calf performance and on-farm finishing strategies. Ongoing research includes examining the frequency of supplementation on performance of beef cattle grazing summer pastures, the effects of different metaphylactic strategies on health and performance of high-risk calves, the effects of stocking rate management on performance of cattle grazing cool season pastures, and alternative marketing strategies for fed cattle.

Office Address
28 Exp Station WS
Poplarville, MS 39470

Staff includes: Ms. Lakan Guelker, Mr. Melvin Gipson, and Mr. Bryce Jones

For more information contact: Lakan Guelker (ldg184@msstate.edu)