Commercial Oyster Postharvest Processing Systems in the United States

Heat Cool Pasteurization 

HCP is a patented process whereby live oysters are placed in warm water for a certain time period and then immediately dipped in cold water to stop the cooking process. These oysters are packed for the half-shell market or sent for further processing as a shucked product.

High Hydrostatic Pressure 

HHP is also a patented process that subjects oysters to high pressures (35,000 to 40,000 pounds per square inch) for 3 to 5 minutes to kill spoilage bacteria and reduce microorganisms including Vibrio to non-detectable levels.

Individually Quick Freezing 

IQF involves rapid freezing of half-shell oysters on trays, then adding a thin glaze of ice to seal in the natural juices before storing them frozen.


Cobalt-60 irradiation (C-60) is the traditional means used to irradiate foods. The gamma-ray from the cobalt isotope is very penetrating through food packages and products.  There is no residual radioactivity.

Commercial Oyster Postharvest Processing Processing Systems

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