Emily Seubert

Hello! Originally from Seattle, WA, I’ve been living and working on the Gulf Coast for the past five years and thoroughly enjoy working in the biodiverse waters of the Gulf of Mexico. I grew up exploring the tide pools of the West Coast and being fascinated by the mysteries of the marine world. I’ve been lucky enough to expand on my passion with my education: I completed my BS in Biological Sciences at the University of California, Davis, and my MS in Marine Sciences through the University of South Alabama.

My master’s research examined the trophic relationships between predatory species across the northcentral Gulf of Mexico using stable isotope analysis, a minimally invasive, non-lethal technique that provides clues to the dietary habits of organisms. My project involved extracting blood from various sharks, rays, and bony fish species to interpret their trophic structure.

Currently, I am an Extension Program Associate in the Marine Fisheries Ecology Lab with MSU. My primary responsibilities are to run our bottom longline surveys in Alabama and Mississippi waters, and manage the data collection and analysis from these surveys. I also participate in outreach and education opportunities connecting with local communities. I enjoy seeing the direct impact that our research can have on folks here on the Gulf Coast. Protecting and preserving our environment is a strong passion of mine, and I believe that the work we do at the MFE lab can help our local fisheries, so that we can all continue to enjoy the natural beauty around us for many more generations to come.

Emily Seubert CV