Marcus Drymon

I’m an Associate Extension Professor at Mississippi State University and a Marine Fisheries Specialist with Mississippi-Alabama Sea Grant. Originally from central Kentucky, my family and I have lived on the Gulf Coast for 15 years and are pleased to call this region our home.

As Extension faculty, my job is to make applicable, science-based solutions usable to coastal marine anglers, both commercial and recreational. Most of my work has focused on the role that sharks play in maintaining healthy coastal ecosystems, and understanding the factors that determine their distribution and movement patterns. In addition, much of my work focuses on finfish species, including red snapper, gray triggerfish and tarpon. 

I look forward to building personal relationships with Gulf Coast anglers so that we can work together to accomplish shared goals. While doing this, I want to update you on issues relevant to Gulf Coast fisheries, and provide a mechanism for you to communicate with me. Please sign up to receive updates through the Gulf Coast Fisherman, my quarterly e-newsletter.

See you on the water!

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